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..You are finally about to present your concept, you know your ideas are the best in the room! But somehow toward your presentation you start doubting yourself.. and when your’ finally on stage, your heart races, your voice sounds funny, your hands shake and you forget half of what you wanted to talk about. When you get off stage, people avoid eye contact with you.. and you are not even surprised when someone ells gets the contract..


Unfortunately, even well developed, excellent ideas are not enough!


We live in a world where the presentation tells a lot about the content. Presentation skills and social competence are a part of making things happen. People will give you a chance when they trust you. And they will trust you when you appear to be someone who knows what s/he is doing.


If self-presentation is not your strongest side, don’t discourage, you didn’t loose the game yet! It doesn’t matter where you come from and how much confidence you bring along with you. The question is: what are you going to do about it? ..!


No one can teach you good ideas, but how to use your body and voice to deliver these ideas in a compelling way is something you can learn.


They say there is no glory in practice, but without practice .. there is no glory.


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