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.. so they call your name to accept the prize, and you step up to the mic to give your thank-you speech .. but the lights blind you and you can't find the little note you prepared in advance and then you accidently hit the mic with your head..


..  your standing with the rest of your team, ready for the shoot .. but every time the flesh blitz, you close your eyes.. as if on purpose.

. ..  later at home you watch the recording of the interview on TV and you notice how much you were sweating ..and your words don't make sense because you were demonstrating your ideas with your hands.. but they were filming only your face.. 


Behind the people who seem to be most comfortable on stage or just come across well in front of cameras, are years of experience with the presentation medium. It is a special field and like any field it has it's necessary set of skills. How to work with the camera (frame size, best angels), how to talk to a microphoneand sound loud but also clear and how to work with stage lightsand projections, in different sizes of rooms in front of big and small audiences. Talent is never enough; some become skilled in a school, some learn by doing. But everyone, with no acception, had to learn the necessary skills: how to work with the technical aspects of the stage and the camera. 


If they could do it, so can you ! becoming aware of the technical aspects of stage and cameras will boost your confidence and support you during your stage and camera appearances.


Imagine you are stepping up on a stage.. or in front of a camera.. and it feels like coming home.




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